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Sex Story

It had been a long day. He was anxious to get home. Kick off the shoes, sip a cold beer, and listen to the kids make demands for his time. He just wanted to forget the argument with his boss earlier that morning over the missed deadline, and the growing pile of unanswered requests that were accumulating in his inbox. But hey, it was Friday. He had the whole weekend to recuperate and recharge his batteries before the next week of monotony hit.

He reached in his jacket pocket as he pulled onto the expressway - a smoke would be great right now. Golden Earring - Radar Love - blasting on his stereo, and for once, cars weren't backed up, waiting their turn to join the slow-moving snake of cars all creeping their way towards a common goal... home.

He fumbled in the inner pocket of his coat, and as his hand came into contact with the cig pack, his fingertips grazed a thick piece of paper tucked deep inside the pocket. A frown creased his forehead at the sensation - had he forgotten an appointment? A client's phone number, thought to be lost? The smoke forgotten, he grasped the paper and tugged it free of his coat. YOU ARE INVITED blared at him from the paper now in front of his face... and a hint of some musky, exotic perfume danced under his nose. He groaned in frustration. Great, a kid's birthday party that he'd be expected to shop for, then play chauffeur both there and back. With any luck, he wouldn't be asked to be a chaperone. He hated it when ice cream or chocolate icing got smeared on his khakis. With one eye on the barely-moving traffic in front of him, his thumb slipped between the sheets of the folded invitation, flipping the top cover up to reveal his next punishment - only what he saw caused an instant stab of anticipation to go straight to his groin.

Please honor me with your presence in our bedroom tonight. The kids are at the sitters, the phone is turned off and I have very nasty events planned for you. All my love, ~Me~

What was she planning??? His upper lip broke out in a sweat... this was totally unlike her. He loved his wife deeply, but with the demands of jobs, kids, and household chores, something had to be sacrificed... and that sacrifice had been their sex life. It had been months since they had been together. He'd been carrying a dark secret around with him for awhile now. To relieve his daily stress, he'd started masturbating in the shower at night while everyone else was occupied with homework, dishes, or TV. He felt guilty about it, but he was a man... he had needs. Their lovemaking had never been experimental, or about exploring boundaries... it was always sweet, gentle, and mutually satisfying. There were certain areas his wife refused to enter, though. Oral sex was a definite no-no, and the one time his fingertip had grazed the puckered ring of her anus, she had gasped and scooted away from him in shock. So, he accepted her as she was. Missionary position, lights out, and no sounds, please. Might wake the kids!

Suddenly, he became very impatient with the slow progress of the massive line of cars he was in the middle of. His eyes flickered to the road sign looming in the distance. Great! The state road was the next exit - it would cut at least 20 minutes of travel time off since it was a less-traveled road. He immediately flipped his blinker on, and exited. The closer he got to home, the harder his foot pressed on the accelerator. He was full of anticipation, and his groin was tightening as his thoughts were creating a maelstrom in his brain. What was she planning? What got into her? Was this a special anniversary that only women somehow remember? Should he stop at the 7-11 and buy her one of those cheap roses? Perhaps pick up a bottle of wine? But for the life of him, he couldn't stop anywhere. His curiosity was at a dangerous level - he was having a hard time concentrating on the light traffic he was encountering, and all he could think of was his hands on her body again.

As he pulled into the driveway, he noticed the house was in total darkness... although he thought he could detect the faint glow of a candle in an upstairs window - their bedroom. Leaving everything in the car, he literally jumped out of the door and ran to the porch. As he was fumbling with his key ring, he noticed a slip of paper gently waving in the slight breeze. His fingers yanked it from the door, and on it was written

Welcome home, baby. I'm upstairs waiting for you. Please take off everything except your pants, then look for your next set of instructions.

He groaned aloud... my god, what was his woman up to? His fingers were yanking at the buttons on his shirt while his free hand was unlocking the door. By the time he got inside and got the door shut, there were several buttons missing from the front of his shirt. His shoes went flying, shirt landed on the desk in the entryway, and his pants were suddenly very tight over his cock. He fingers went to the button on the waistband, then withdrew. It was her party, let her lead the dance. He leapt to the staircase and began mounting it, taking the steps two at a time. When he hit the landing, he found the next note...

Its time for you to find out who your wife really is. Shed your inhibitions and come to me now. Just remember one thing - I love you. p.s. - lose the pants, too!

He had to read it three times before he comprehended it... HIS inhibitions? Oh, he'd show her. Just for that, he was turning the bedside lamp on, and leaving it on when they made love. And if she pushed it, he'd even pull the sheet off their bodies so he could look at her nudeness. He'd force her, by god! He may even really push it, and insist they try doggy style. It had always been a favorite of his in his single days. While his thoughts were slamming around in his brain, he was yanking his pants and boxers down. As soon as his boxers skimmed over his hips, his very erect cock sprang from its prison. He was already oozing precum... she damn well better not be playing games with him. His tolerance level was now gone.

As his hand went to the doorknob, he noticed he was shaking. WTF??? Why was he nervous? After all, he knew he'd have control. He always did. He was shocked that she had gone this far - always before, it was his duty to make the first move, but he knew how she was. He knew that once he entered their bedroom, she would be sitting on the side of the bed waiting for him in one of her prim little nightgowns. Probably still have her white cotton panties on underneath, too. Well, tonight, it was going to be different. As he stepped into the room, his eyes immediately went to the candles burning. Wow. Candles everywhere. The different scents immediately assaulted his nostrils, almost dizzying in their intensity. But all very erotic - not the floral scents she tended to favor. As his eyes adjusted to the lighting, he was skimming the room, in search of wifey in her little nightgown. Only she was nowhere to be seen. The door to their private bath was open, and he could see candles burning in there, also. As soon as the door latched shut behind him, he heard her voice... only was it her voice? She sounded firm.

"Stand in the middle of the room, with your hands at your sides. I'll be there in a moment. And keep your eyes on the bathroom door. I don't want you to miss my entrance."

At her words, his body immediately pivoted towards her voice - and he did as she demanded. He was frozen in anticipation and curiosity, shaking hands at his sides, and his hardness jutting out like a beacon to her. And then, there she was. He gasped in shock - who was this woman standing in front of him??? His eyes were frantically jerking up and down in their sockets, scanning her while his brain was attempting to absorb and believe what he was seeing. Her hair was wild... released from its customary alligator clip on the back of her head, it was draped over her shoulders and breasts. Very full, very sensuous looking. It looked as if fingers had already been raked thru it in the heat of passion. Her face - my god, he'd never seen her wear makeup like that. Her eyes were shadowed with smoky color. Lashes very thick and long, coated with black mascara. Her eyeliner was smudged around her eyes, giving her a very erotic, sultry look. And her lips.

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He swallowed hard when his eyes locked on her lips. They were coated with a very shiny gloss, and they looked full and pouty. He instantly thought of seeing them on parts of his body they'd never tasted before, and for an instant, he felt a stab of fear shoot through him. Was she ill? On drugs? What had come over her? But as his eyes traveled the length of her body, the fear was instantly forgotten and replaced by pure deep lust. Her shoulders were bare, covered only by her hair.

Her breasts and stomach were covered by a deep red bustier - laced in front to allow her breasts to bulge and strain upwards. The bustier ended in a point just below her bellybutton, and below it, she was wearing *gulp* a thong!!! With a garter belt - the same red color as the bustier. Thigh-hi sheer red nylons on, held in place with the tiny garters. And on her feet - oh fuck. Stiletto heeled pumps. Very red, very shiny, and very very hot. His eyes went back to her face, and he found himself gasping for breath, trying to find words and make his tongue work. "What are you doing???" he demanded of her.

"Shhhhhhhhh"... she held a finger to her lips, and began walking towards him. She was walking like a cat, swaying back and forth, her long legs accentuated by the 6" heels she was wearing. He watched her approach - she looked like a model walking a runway somewhere. He didn't even know she knew how to walk in high heels! As she got close to him, she reached her hand out to trail her nails down his chest - nails that he now noticed were painted red to match her outfit. They looked like claws, and he shivered as they stroked down his tense body.

He watched in fascination as her nails continued their slow tease down his chest... over his tightening stomach, and on down towards his groin. Just as they got to his hardness, they stopped, and he groaned. "Oh god, please...".

Again, she put a finger to her lips. She leaned her mouth into his ear, and began whispering: "I have something to tell you. You have to listen to me with no interruptions. Then, if you have questions after I'm finished, we'll talk, if that's what you want to do. Deal?" He could only mutely nod in agreement. Her perfume was whirling into his nose, assaulting his senses. If anything, it was only turning him on even more. It smelled exotic, musky, and it was triggering something deep inside him. He felt an ache begin deep inside his groin and begin flooding outwards. The tip of his cock was dripping with precum, and he watched, dumbfounded, as she took a fingertip to him and scraped him clean, then took her finger to her mouth and began sucking on it! At that, he thought his knees were going to buckle underneath him. He felt as if he were standing outside his body, watching what was going on in front of him. It was all very surreal to him, and he could only mutely respond to the gentle pull of her hand as she took his wrist and began tugging him towards the bed.

The backs of his legs bumped the edge of the mattress as she gently pushed on his chest, and he dropped weakly to the edge of the bed. He couldn't take his eyes from the vision in front of him, and he also seemed to be having a hard time focusing - his head was dizzy with all the conflicting thoughts and emotions running thru him.

She slowly stepped backwards a couple of steps, then gracefully perched on the edge of the window seat directly across from him, doing a very revealing leg cross in the process. He realized at that point he'd been holding his breath, and he expelled it in one harsh blast. This was sheer exquisite agony to him. His prim and proper wife, dressed like she should be posing in Hustler, her voluptuous body molded by the erotic lingerie she had poured herself into... and looking at him as if she could devour him. As his eyes strayed to her face, he watched the tip of her tongue appear and slowly lick across her lips, and he gulped again. The woman had him so hard he was throbbing, and he could feel his balls tightening and crawling in their need to release some pressure. Just as he opened his mouth to ask a simple, "Why?", she began talking in a very low, sex-tinged tone of voice...

"I know I haven't been who you've wanted in the bedroom, but I was afraid. Afraid to show you what I really wanted. I thought you'd think I was trashy or something. But now, I have to be completely honest with you. Neither of us are satisfied, and thats stupid. So, I'm going to introduce you to my fantasies tonight. If you can't handle me like this, then we go back to how we were before, and I'll try to be content with that. Are you willing to try this?"

His eyes were locked on her mouth as she was speaking, and it took all his will power just to summon up enough strength to nod 'yes' in response to her question.

"Greg, there are things I want and need from you, and with you. I'm tired of being miss priss in our bedroom. Did you know that when you're at work, I'm surfing the net, downloading vids of women getting anally fucked, and fisted, and watching dogs fucking women? And ya know what? They turn me on! I love to watch them. I also love to watch bondage flicks. I love it when a woman is tied down somewhere, begging for mercy. Or for cock. I know that you have a couple of 'men' movies locked away in your desk, and I've always been curious about them, but when you never asked me to watch them with you, I just figured you didn't want to expose me to that. Well, guess what sugar? I'm exposed, and I like it."

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As she was talking, his mind was whirling like a tornado, trying to filter and acknowledge her words. He was in a state of shock. Wifey, watching fuck flicks? And liking them???

She continued, "I also want to try a couple of things with you, sweetheart. I think I'd like to find a woman we could make close 'friends' with. The thought of seeing you with another woman really gets me hot. And to be honest, I'd like to taste her. See what you're going to be tasting. Maybe we could do it together?"

With those words, he totally lost it. His cock jerked, and he began spurting all over his inner thigh and across his knee. His cum was leaving his body at a high-pressure pace, and he never even touched himself! When she saw this, she got an evil glint in her eye, and with feline-like grace, she slid off the window seat and began crawling across the floor to him... licking her lips the whole trip. When she got to within reach, her tongue darted out of her mouth and raked across his kneecap... scooping his cum as it traveled up his inner thigh.

At the first sensation of her tongue on his bare overheated skin, he let out an animalistic growl. His fingers went to her hair and entangled themselves in the thickness of it, caressing her, and attempting to guide her face upwards. She firmly resisted the slight pressure he was applying, however... she had other plans. After her tongue finally finished working its magic and every drop of his cum was washed from his leg, her face went to his other kneecap, and once again, the long trip up his inner thigh was repeated, with her licking and nibbling and groaning all the way. By the time she reached the juncture of his groin and thigh, he was hard again. His eyes were locked on the sight of his wife's face. She was obviously very turned on - eyes glazed and heavy-lidded, and she was breathing heavier than he could remember her ever breathing during normal sex together. She was also swaying her hips back and forth while she licked... as though she were brushing against an invisible cock, teasing herself.

With just the tip of her tongue, she began teasing and caressing the underside of his heavy balls. Another groan escaped his lips, and he scooted his ass a little closer to the edge of the bed. "Oh fuck, baby... please lick me. Take it in your mouth. I'll do you too! I want to taste your pussy on my tongue!"

At his words, she looked up at him with an erotic smile on her face. Her breasts were heaving on her chest, and her nostrils were slightly flared. She gently shook her head no, and without speaking a word, she took her lips back to his hardness... and started slapping the end of his cock with her hard tongue. As he watched in awe, her mouth opened in an O shape, and her lips wrapped around his head. He could feel her tongue dancing across the end of his cock, her lips wrapped tightly around him, and her nails were scraping up and down his inner thighs. He thought he was in the middle of a dream. Just couldn't accept it for reality.

At least, not until she began pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. He groaned again, and at the sound, she looked up and met his eyes. Love and lust were both shining from them, but there was also another something there... a hunger. At the sight and recognition of that, he couldn't help himself. His hips slammed upwards, and he buried his cock deep in her throat. His hands went to the back of her head, and he began fucking her face. Her tongue was going crazy on the underside of his shaft, teasing that fat vein that had already begun filling with his seed again. He could feel his balls slapping into her chin as he fucked her eager mouth, but he couldn't have stopped his movements if he had to.

He could feel his cum building, and when he realized he was about to shoot, he started withdrawing from her... even as far gone as he was, he knew that if he spurted down her throat and gagged her, she'd never want to suck him again. But she apparently understood his intention, because instead of allowing him to withdraw, she wrapped her arms around his hips and pushed him deeper into her, then began sucking and tonguing him twice as hard as before.

"Oh god. Fuck. I'm gonna shoot! I can't stop myself!" he groaned. "Baby, stop. You're gonna get a mouthful of my cum. Please. I can't stop!" But instead of stopping, she did something so unexpected, so hot, that he instantly began spurting. She throated him! Fuck, he was buried completely down her throat! Balls mashed against her chin, and she was swallowing rapidly, drinking every drop he had to offer her. He was still thrusting into her mouth - short rapid little stabs across her hot lips, and her tongue felt as though it was covering all of him at once. He could feel it everywhere, teasing, licking, and adoring him.

As she licked his cock clean, he fell backwards onto the bed, gasping for breath, and feeling his heart trying to pound out of his chest. Once she finished with his cock, her tongue began a long slow tease upwards over his stomach... his chest... and finally to his left nipple, where it flicked across the rock-hard little nub. At that sensation, he again gasped, and thrust his hands under her armpits, hauling her roughly up against his chest so he could look into her eyes. "You obviously have some explaining to do, woman. I wanna know where you learned to suck cock like that!"

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